Winter Car Care Tips

When the wintry season settles in, this implies a lot of things to any car owner. While some parts may be warm, there are those areas that will experience high snowfall and blizzard conditions. Such situations make driving a hazardous experience. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure that your Ford vehicle gets proper maintenance and servicing. Therefore, before the winter season in Virginia Beach, VA, take the time to ensure that your car is good enough to go in the snow, ice and colder temperatures. Herein, are several essential tips from Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier that you can use to prep your car, van, SUV or truck during the winter season thus ensuring that you do not experience any car problems.

Ford Winter Car Care Tips Greenbrier VA

1. Windshield Wipers

Check the windshield wipers to ensure that they are in a good condition. If they are old or worn out, it is advisable to replace them. Auto experts recommend replacing them every six months. After driving in freezing weather, remember to turn off the wipers when you park your car. Also, check or refill the fluid level of the windshield washer system.

2. Tires

Ensure that the tires are not worn out since driving through the snow needs deep grooves. The tire pressure and the tread depth should be good to keep you safe during the winter season. If your area experiences high levels of snow and ice during the winter, you may want to replace your regular tires with the winter tires.

3. Engine Coolant System

For those who have been servicing their cars regularly, “flash and fill” may not be necessary. If you have not serviced your car recently, a flash and fill is a good thing to do. Ensure that the auto mechanic uses a coolant that is compatible with your vehicle. Ideally, the car experts advise that the antifreeze should be flushed out and refilled after every two years.

4. Battery and Charging System

During the cold winter seasons, greater stress is put on your battery thus zapping its life. Ensure that the battery and the charging system are at their optimum performance. There are auto shops in Norfolk, VA, that will check your battery for free.

5. Brakes

The brakes are the most vital safety system in any vehicle. Taking the time to ensure that it is thoroughly checked is an important decision. This will give you confidence while driving in snowy weather as well as help stop in time in case of any issue while on the road.

6. Lights

Your lighting system is one important part that you can’t overlook. Both the interior and exterior lights should be functioning effectively to give you a clear view of anything around you. The headlights should be properly aimed so that anything on the road can be clearly seen.

Therefore, before the wintry season settles in, visit a Ford service center that will help you ensure that your vehicle is in a good condition. Change the oil and filters at the recommended interval. Switching to the so called winter weight oil may be a good option. Before heading for a trip during the winter, ensure that your gas tank is full in order to prevent unexpected emergencies.

To prep your vehicle for the winter season, you may want to consider visiting Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier located at 1515 South Military Highway Chesapeake, VA 23320. As a Ford dealership, this company strives to provide the best auto services to ensure that your car is safe for the wintry weather. Surrounding towns like Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth are also served.

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