Preparing your Car for Winter

preparing your car for winterFrom cold temperatures damaging the powertrain to accidents caused by ice patches, it’s clear that winter isn’t the best time of the year for your car. So before the temperatures drop in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, use these tips from the Cavalier Ford Greenbrier service center to get your car ready for winter.

Check the Battery

Cold temperatures can decrease the charge of your battery, so make sure that it has enough juice to power your vehicle before the frigid temperatures set in. Take your vehicle to the service department at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier and we’ll check the charge level. If it’s too low, you should replace your battery right away to avoid getting stranded in the cold.

Turn Up the Heat

There’s nothing worse than your vehicle’s heater blowing cold air during the winter. To make sure that the system works well and heats your interior efficiently, test the heater. It should blow hot air immediately. If it takes too long to warm up or it doesn’t warm up at all, schedule a service appointment at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier to have it repaired.

Replace Fluids

Antifreeze, oil, and windshield wiper fluid play critical roles in keeping your vehicle healthy during the winter, but you need to check the levels. If they’re too low or too dirty, they may need to be topped off or changed.

Change Wiper Blades

In addition to topping off your windshield washer fluid, it’s important to replace your windshield wipers. During the summer and fall, they take a serious beating as they wipe away rain, leaves, and other debris on the windshield. Come winter, the rubber squeegee will most likely have small tears and leave streaks that impact your visibility. Replacing your windshield wipers ensures that you see clearly through rain, sleet, and snow.

Switch Tires

During the winter, ice, snow, and cold temperatures decrease the performance of all-weather tires. Because of this, the chances of getting into an accident increase. Fortunately, winter tires can help. They’re designed specifically for the colder temperatures and winter weather conditions. They can provide enhanced traction to avoid slipping, and they’re made with special strong rubber to maintain the proper tire pressure.

Schedule a Service Appointment


Scheduling a service appointment before winter rolls in is the most important thing you can do to prepare your car for winter. Doing this allows our professionals to inspect every part and system to ensure that they’re in proper working order. If there’s a problem, they’ll repair it in a timely fashion to make sure that your car is ready to take on frigid temperatures, ice, and snow.

Preparing your car for winter is your best defense against damaging temperatures and bad conditions. So take note of the tips above and talk with our service department at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier to ensure that your car gets through the long cold season.

For more ways to prepare your car for winter, contact Cavalier Ford Greenbrier at 888-270-7614!


Halloween Events Chesapeake, VA

Halloween is about more than just candy and costumes. For those in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk, this holiday is all about the fun- and fright-filled events set to take place all over the area. So if you’re looking to enjoy Halloween by doing more than just dressing up and indulging in sweets, check out our guide to the best Halloween events in Chesapeake, VA, to make the season a little spookier.

Spooky Acres Haunted House

At Spooky Acres Haunted House, the only way to celebrate Halloween is to be scared. Perfect for those who love the fright aspect of the holiday, this maze features twists and turns that put you face to face with some of your nightmares. You never know where you’ll end up into once you enter, but you’re sure to be scared.

The Spooky Acres Haunted House is located at 2340 East Little Creek Road in Norfolk, VA, and welcomes you to experience a good scare every weekend in October, the last three Thursdays of October, and November 1 from 6 to 10 pm. Admission costs $12.

Annual Old Towne Portsmouth Ghost Walk

The Annual Olde Towne Portsmouth Ghost Walk is a great Halloween event for those who want to learn more about area’s history. On October 30, guides will take you past the haunted houses and mansions of Olde Towne Portsmouth as actors demonstrate the ghostly events that took place inside. Once you’ve reached the end of the walk in Middle Street Park, you’ll be provided with hot cider.

The walks start at the Trinity Church Graveyard and leave every five minutes. Tickets cost $10.

Nightmare Mansion

If you’re looking for a Halloween event that adds more scares than some can handle, then Nightmare Mansion at 2008 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach is for you. On Fridays at 6 pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 2 pm in October, you’ll be able walk through a house from 1910 that’s haunted by the tortured souls of Dr. Morgan and his wife, Edmona. It’s rated as one of the country’s top 10 haunted attractions.

Tickets cost $9, and you must be at least 10 years old to enter.

Anthem Wicked 10K and Old Point National Bank Park Monster Mile

pumpkinsThe Anthem Wicked 10K and Old Point National Bank Monster Mile will put a little spookiness into the usual race. As you run along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront on October 31, you’ll encounter spooky surprises, including Thriller dancers. Runners are encouraged to dress up in their best costumes and will have a chance to win the Halloween costume contest. When you cross the finish line of either race, you can relax at the post-party on the beach.

Registration costs up to $70 for the Wicked 10K and $30 for the Monster Mile depending on when you sign up.

Candy and costumes are great, but the Halloween events in Chesapeake, VA, can help you to enjoy the holiday much more. So mark your calendars for one or all of these events and add an extra touch of fright to the season.