5 Places in Virginia Beach to Spring Clean Your Car

Spring for Virginia Beach is finally upon us, and it is time to think about getting your Ford vehicle cleaned up for the sunny weather.  Your Chesapeake Ford dealership is happy to provide you with a list of places near Virginia Beach that offer car cleaning services. Whether your Ford needs a light wash or a detailed makeover, you’re sure to find a place that will fit your budget and your cleanliness needs. Don’t wait; start your spring off with a sparkling, freshly cleaned Ford!

Buggy Bathe

Buggy Bathe offers a variety of cleaning services ranging from a simple exterior wash to a full spectrum cleaning of the exterior and detailing of the interior. You can choose from several monthly packages, so you can find the one that best fits your unique needs. The Williamsburg location offers many different lube services, so you can take care of some maintenance while you are there. Packages range from economical to expensive, but the rates match the service.

SSS Express Car Wash

SSS Express has been cleaning cars since 1961. Its Virginia Beach location offers a drive-through oil change service; from the comfort of your vehicle, you can watch on a television monitor as trained technicians change your car’s oil. The car wash services include a full-service package, which entails vacuuming, hand prepping before proceeding into the wash tunnel, cleaning of the interior windows, an interior wipe-down, and the exterior dried by hand towel.

Car Spa

Car Spa offers a full-service package that includes an exterior soft cloth wash and auto detailing. It also has a convenience store, gas station, and Wi-Fi connection on-site. Perhaps one of the best aspects of Car Spa is the “48 hour clean car guarantee.” If it rains on your vehicle after you receive a full-service wash, Car Spa will give your automobile a complimentary “Bronze Exterior Wash.” Just bring in your receipt within 48 hours to get the rain spots cleaned away.

Irving’s Detailing Salon

Irving has a wide variety of services to get your Ford vehicle looking its best. The premier service includes a hand wash and wax, cleaning of the windows inside and out, washing the rims and dressing the tires, shampooing the carpets and seats, cleaning and dressing the vinyl, cleaning the door jambs, and detailing the trunk. Leather seats are cleaned and treated as part of the service. Vinyl seats are also treated, which will serve to increase the lifespan of the material.

Green Clean

For those who don’t want to pay for attendants to do all the cleaning, Green Clean is a good choice. The facility has drive-through car washes, self-service bays, and self-service vacuums. Green Clean is open 24 hours a day, so there is no need to make an appointment–come when it is convenient for you. On-site vending machines offer shampoos and fragrances, which can be purchased with tokens, quarters, or credit cards. During select hours there is an attendant on duty. If you decide to purchase the top, touch-free wash package, upon request, the attendant will spray down your car, clean the rims and tires, and apply light friction with a high-lubricity soap and a soft natural bristle brush.

We hope to see you in your clean Ford vehicle cruising in the spring sunshine and enjoying the hundreds of blooming flowers in and around Virginia Beach. If you need a new Ford or just want to stop in and say hello, we would love to see you.  Cavalier Ford Greenbrier has a variety of new and used Fords that are sure to meet your unique needs.

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