Best New Auto Technologies for Safety

Ford vehicles provide some of the best new auto technologies that you will find for taking that extra safety measure. Currently, Ford has revamped some of their new models to include updated safety technology while continuing with some of the old that seems to work just fine that include tire pressure indicators, fog lamps, and side and front air bags. 

The latest type of safety feature added to the Focus, Mustang, and Explorer is the driver knee airbag. This is a cool feature that helps protect the driver from lower body injury in case of an accident.  Other safety features include a height adjustable seat-belt and stability control. Being able to adjust your seatbelt will allow you to sit in any position whether it is straight up or lower down while driving and the seatbelt easily fits accordingly. It also fits well to short and tall drivers alike. This safety feature is included in many Ford model vehicles including the Explorer and Escape. The 2015 Ford Explorer has adjustable height for the pedals as well.
Best Safety Features for FordsStability control is ideal for those who drive for a living or drive for long hours as their is a sensor that automatically determines if the handling of the vehicle has been exceeded and will slow the vehicle down by applying some pressure to the brakes to help prevent losing control. This feature is included in such models as the Mustang and Focus.

When you buy a Ford, you can count on a safe drive. With all of their safety features included in all types of models, you can practically ensure that you will make it home safely. Some other safety features to recognize in the Ford models is the adjustable head rests and traction control. Both of these features offer you a comfortable drive while getting you where you have to go safely. The traction control will prevent slippage especially during rainy weather and head rest adjustment can be made to help prevent whiplash injuries in case of an accident.

In 2015, Ford vehicles will deliver ideal protection with various types of airbags located at the front, side, and bottom. In some models such as the Fusion, it will provide backseat passengers to have airbags available. This allows for the driver, and in some Ford models, the passenger, to have no worries or concerns about how safe they will be in case of an accident. Some other features include a cross traffic and lane keep system that both alert you when changing lanes. The cross traffic safety features lets you know when someone is in your blind spot when you want to change lanes and the lane keeping system lets you know when you are drifting into another lane. As the Ford continues to try to improve their safety features, they become among the top choices of vehicles to purchase.
Safety Features for Fords

For Chesapeake, Virginia residents, you will be able to find some of the top models at your local Ford dealership, Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier. Contact us today to purchase your new Ford model vehicle where you can trust in the best safety features in the business.

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