Black Friday Shopping Tips

With the day fast approaching, people all over the area, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk, are thinking about Black Friday shopping. As the official start of the holiday shopping season, on Black Friday, there’s no doubt malls and shopping centers will be opening early and will be crowded. So it’s understandable that shopping on Black Friday can be extremely hectic.

If you’re thinking about stopping by the Lynnhaven Mall  for the Black Friday deals, be sure to take note of the tips listed below to lessen the stress of your Black Friday shopping experience.

Map out the stores: The mall will be filled with people scrambling to get the best deals on all of their Christmas gifts, so knowing the layout of the stores where you need to shop will help you get in and out quickly.

Make a list and stick to it: Just like mapping out the stores where you need to shop, creating a list of everything you need to purchase can help you get in and out of stores faster. Also, this can help you stick to buying only what you need and not making any impulse purchases, especially with so many Black Friday sales and specials.

Get some rest: Each year, malls and other stores open earlier and earlier to accommodate the Black Friday shopping crowds. While not every mall has a Black Friday schedule just yet, it’s safe to assume that stores may open as early as 6 pm on Thanksgiving. Regardless of when you plan to head out for the sales, make sure to get plenty of rest so you can stay sharp, focused and, most importantly, safe while you’re shopping.

Get to the stores early: Whatever time malls and stores plan to open around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, some kind of line is going to form outside ahead of time. If you want to get a prime parking spot and be one of the first people inside the stores, then get there as early as possible. Just remember, though, that the earlier you get there, the longer you’ll have to wait outside. Since the temperatures are generally chilly in late November, it would be wise to dress in layers so you can stay warm while you wait.

Be careful: This is the most important tip you should follow. Black Friday horror stories of stampedes, injuries, and even death are all too common. Avoid shoving, fighting, and running for an item you need. Chances are that stores have additional items in the back and will replenish their supplies on the floor throughout the night, so there’s no need to get physical or resort to violence to get what you want. 

Black Friday is almost here, and it’s sure to include not only great prices but tons of shoppers as well. If you’re looking to visit any of the malls and stores in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, be sure to take note and follow these tips for ensure you have a safe and stress-free Black Friday shopping experience.

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