Vacation Destinations for Winters in Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake, Virginia is more than just a city. Chesapeake, VA is a central vacation destination for the winter. From bed and breakfasts to arts and entertainment events, the area is filled with things for the whole family in Norfolk and Virginia Beach to enjoy. Yet with so many attractions and events, visitors and residents alike can find it difficult to just pick one to take the entire family to in the winter. However, there are a few attractions that stand out from the rest. They take the normal winter vacation to the next level by adding bits of summer for those who are starting to miss the warm weather. Below are just some of the staples within the area that’s great for the upcoming winter vacations.

Winter Activities Virginia Beach

Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge is a facility that houses 67,000 sq.-ft. of indoor entertainment including the giant indoor waterpark right by Chesapeake in Williamsburg. This attraction is great for all children who are just sick and tired of the cold, and are quite impatient for summer to make its appearance again. The waterpark includes four pools, two giant hot tubs, eight water slides, and even 1,000 gallon bucket. With the Great Wolf Lodge, you can even stay the night and enjoy the water park all you like.

Virginia Beach

While heading to the beach in the winter time doesn’t sound like it’ll keep you entertained, Virginia Beach is delivering a different winter beach experience. Here, winter means everything from restaurant week, whale watching, and great shopping. From December all the way to March, visitors and residents can take the entire family down to the beach to see humpback whales making their way by the shores. Virginia Beach’s Restaurant Week makes its way to the area during this time, and this is where you can experience local cuisines.

Chesapeake Fishing

A great family outing in Chesapeake is a day of fishing. As the weather becomes colder, speckled trout make their way to Chesapeake’s Hot Ditch. Hot Ditch is considered one of the premier locations on the east coast to find a great number of large speckled trout. Chesapeake is home to the unseasonably warm waters of the Elizabeth River’s southern branch. This creates a location for bait-fish to roam and draw in fish like the speckled trout, striped bass, and puppy drum.

Winter Activities Virginia BeachChesapeake, VA is home to some of the best vacation destinations perfect for the family. Visitors and those from Norfolk and Virginia Beach flock to the city to take part in wonderful family fun. From great attractions and nearby destinations, the city delivers a great winter experience with a twist for everyone in the family.

Do a little something different with the upcoming winter vacation in the New Year. This year, instead of doing the normal events and attractions for the winter vacation, take it a step further by heading to Chesapeake, Virginia to experience the city’s great vacation destinations, attractions, and events. It’s sure to be enjoyable for the entire family.

Must-Have Items to Pack for the Beach in Your New Ford

2005 Ford Mustang ConvertibleThere is nothing more classic than a great trip to the beach in a car full of friends packed with everything you need to have a perfect day in the waves. This year, check out some of the gorgeous nearby beaches, and get ready to have a relaxing and fun-filled trip. For those seeking a quieter beach getaway look no further than the beaches in Chesapeake Bay. Pack up your Ford with these beach essentials and hit the sand at any one of the beautiful Virginia beaches this season.

Beach Refreshments

When getting ready for the beach, have no worries that your new Ford will have enough room to take any snacks and drinks you need to get the most out of your beach trip. Remember to pack plenty of water, as well as sandwiches, chips, fruits, and a surprise treat like cookies. Even though your cooler is jam-packed, you’ll still have plenty of space in your efficient and roomy Ford, especially if it’s an Escape. Pop open the back and lay down some blankets for a quick beach picnic, and enjoy the Virginia beaches like never before.

Beach Entertainment

As one of the most relaxing beaches on the East coast, the Chesapeake Bay area beaches are one of the best places to enjoy quiet activities. Packing a bag of books and magazines can make sure you get in some good reading time in between ocean swims and sun naps. Some might even enjoy bringing along a small radio for a little light music to accompany the gentle sounds of waves and seagulls. For those with less to pack, the 2015 Ford Fiesta is just the perfect mix of functionality and economy to make every trip effortless.

Beach Toys

For those with children, there is no end to the amount of toys to be carried to the beach. From sand buckets and shovels, to goggles and swim shoes, boogie boards, Frisbees, volleyballs, and more, families must have a way to get everything to the beach in one trip. With enough room for all the fun plus all the family, Ford offers several SUVs with the space to take on a perfect beach trip. So relax knowing everyone gets to take their own toys to play with; no more fighting over who gets to take what.

Beach Necessities

There are some things that are just impossible to leave home without. When packing up for a beach trip, always remember to pack beach chairs, suntan lotion, sunglasses, umbrellas, towels, and floaties for the kids. Fit everything you need and more inside your Ford, parked right next to you on the sand. While you’re sitting back with everything you need to enjoy an ideal day at the beach, take some time to read your new owner’s manual for your brand new Ford.

Even after packing up all the food, toys, and entertainment you could possibly need for your day at the beach, relax knowing there’s still room for the entire family, including the dog, in your new 2015 Ford. For the biggest selection of beautiful brand new and certified pre-owned Fords in the Virginia Beach area, stop in to Cavalier Ford Lincoln – you’ll find the best fit for you and the family. With an experienced sales team supported by an excellent service team, the entire staff at Cavalier Ford Lincoln is dedicated to offering you the best possible car shopping experience. When headed for the beach this year, remember the most essential part of your trip: how you’ll get there. Choose a quality Ford that has plenty of room for everything you love!


When is it Time to Change Your Transmission Parts?


The transmission is one of the most complex systems on modern vehicles and determines how power is transferred from the engine to the wheels. A modern automatic transmission has over a thousand parts, meaning that constant maintenance to ensure that each part works correctly in the system is essential. Replacing an entire transmission system that has failed is one of the most expensive repair jobs that you’ll ever encounter, so it’s wise to keep up with the maintenance of the system to help prolong the life of the system. Schedule a service at Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier today!


Signs of a Failing Transmission

Since the transmission is such a complex system, there are plenty of warning signs when things go wrong. Since each symptom can be indicative of a number of different parts failing, it’s a good idea to visit your local dealer and have them perform a systematic check to determine what the problem is. The most common signs of a failing transmission include:

  • If you have a manual transmission, rough shifting is a good indicator of a failing transmission. This can include finding that your car refuses to shift gears or that the gear shifts aren’t very smooth. You may even hear a distinct noise when the gear engages and you may notice that the car doesn’t get up to speed as it used to.
  • If you have an automatic transmission, the most common indicator of a failing transmission would be slippage, where you’re driving in a certain gear which then slips for no reason. You may feel that the car feels underpowered or that it’s not accelerating like it used to. Again, unusual noises such as whining or random changes in pitch should be a good indicator of trouble.
  • Delayed engagement is a symptom where you engage the car from the parking gear into drive and instead of immediately being able to drive you find that even if you rev the car it doesn’t move forward.
  • Transmission fluid is usually a shade of red or brown and is easy to distinguish from water and oil. If you find spots of liquid on your driveway or garage, place some cardboard under the car and check the color of the leak. If your transmission fluid is leaking, contact your auto service shop immediately.

Transmission Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to transmissions. There are plenty of things that you can do as an owner to extend the lifespan of your transmission and prevent major problems from arising.

  • Check your transmission fluid regularly, especially after you’ve run your car in adverse conditions such as stop and start traffic, towing or hilly terrain, all of which can cause transmission fluid to heat up, which decreases the performance of the fluid.
  • Service your vehicle regularly at your local dealer. One of the things that a yearly service addresses is a transmission fluid check and replacement, ensuring that your transmission is working as it should. A service will also check safety features such as brakes, lights and steering and can drastically prolong the engine life of your vehicle.
  • Investigate any malfunctions immediately. Many people tend to delay going to the service center even when there is a problem with a car, which makes the issue larger the longer it goes on.


Keeping your transmission in working order is a good way to ensure that your drive in your Ford is pleasant and hassle-free. Identifying any issues early will help you avoid costly replacements and repairs, and regular maintenance at your local Cavalier Ford dealer will prolong the life of your transmission.


Top Five Places to Visit in Virginia this Fall


One of the best things about owning a Ford that you bought from Cavalier Ford Lincoln is that you get to travel and experience all the sights and sounds of Virginia without having to worry about car rentals or extra expenses. There are plenty of places that you can visit this fall, whether you’re looking at simply taking a day trip or planning a longer vacation in the state.

Jamestown and Yorktown

Virginia is rich in colonial history, with plenty of Civil War and Revolutionary War battlefields to be found. It’s also renowned as the birthplace of eight presidents, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. If you’re a Civil War history buff, a visit to Jamestown and Yorktown is essential. Part of the historic triangle along with Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown both have their own special charm and are worth a visit. 

Jamestown is packed with restored homes and workshops and is a great example of one of the first American cities, while Yorktown is known for being the location of one of the most important battles and victories in the Revolutionary War. A trip to both Jamestown and Yorktown can be done in a couple of hours, leaving plenty of time for other attractions. 

Colonial Williamsburg

Things to do in Virginia this fall

If you still haven’t got a fill of history you can brave the tourists and school field trips and visit Colonial Williamsburg, a bubble of history in the city of Williamsburg. With plenty of restored houses, schools and businesses, along with colonial townsfolk, you’ll feel like you have stepped back in time. The helpful townsfolk will also educate and entertain and give a glimpse of how life was during the 18th century.

Virginia Beach

Even though you may feel a bit of fall chill in the air, a trip to Virginia Beach is well worth it. Not only does it have one of the biggest beaches in the northern states, it’s only an hour’s drive away from Colonial Williamsburg. Even if you don’t want to visit the beach itself, there are plenty of small amusement parks, museums, gardens and even an aquarium to keep you busy and entertained. If you’re planning a day trip out in your Ford, you can start out at Virginia Beach and then move onto the more historical sites in Virginia. If you’re planning to spend the day at the beach, then get there early to reserve the best spot, as there are plenty of tourists around and space is at a premium

Busch Gardens

Another attraction close to Virginia Beach and the Historic Triangle is the Busch Gardens amusement park, which has been named one of the most attractive parks in the country due to the massive effort put into landscaping and gardening in the park. There are plenty of rides ranging from relatively calm to thrilling roller coasters ensuring that everybody in the family will have fun at the amusement park. There are seasonal events hosted by the park that are geared towards families, and with Halloween around the corner you can expect something thrilling at Busch Gardens.

Shenandoah Valley

If you prefer something off the beaten path, take the I-64 west and enjoy the great outdoors in the Shenandoah National Park. There are plenty of hiking trails which will take you past some of the tallest and most impressive waterfalls in the country. You can also take your Ford off-road on the spectacular Skyline Drive which allows you to drive along the mountain tops and even a part of the Appalachian Trail, giving you plenty of opportunity to see some great views, particularly in the fall. 

Things to do in Virginia This FallThese family fun attractions are a short driving distance from Cavalier Ford Lincoln in Chesapeake, VA. You would be the talk of the place if you showed up with a new vehicle, such as the 2015 Ford Taurus! Come visit today at 1515 S. Military Highway!


5 Places in Chesapeake, VA to Spring Clean Your Car

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for your winter wardrobes and closets! It’s time to get your Ford looking fine and pristine again for the spring season. Here are our top five picks for area hot spots that will get those wheels trimmed and interiors smelling fresh.

Majestik Auto Spa

Majestik Auto Spa, located off of 1470 Mount Pleasant Road, offers upscale, full-service car wash; detailing; and specialty services perfect for your automobile’s spring cleaning. Basic wash prices start at less than $15 with a premium wash for SUVs at less than $40. A premium car wash costs less than $35. Majestik also offers interior upholstery leather repair, paint touch-up, and paint-less dent repair. Cars, trucks, SUVs, boat trucks, semi trucks, motorbikes, and jet skis are all serviced by the professionals at Majestik Auto Spa. This location also offers automated car washes in addition to the hand-cleaning services. For your convenience the company is open seven days a week, and appointments can be booked online at the Majestik Auto Spa reservations link or by phone at 757-482-0140.

Freedom Wash

Freedom Wash has a full-service car wash located at 1510 Sam’s Circle in Chesapeake. Their automated car wash is open 24/7, but their full-service station is open during normal business hours. Packages start at right under $35 for full-service wash; however, unlimited members enjoy full-service wash pricing at $19.99. Service options range from wash and wax and vacuuming and shampooing to deluxe detailing. Members can purchase Freedom Cards to maximize discounts and savings.

J’s Auto Cleaning

Located down the street from Audio One, J’s Auto Cleaning takes a different approach with their “beautification treatments”. From inner beauty to outer beauty works, J’s gives special attention to fabric dressing and long-lasting stain protection. They also offer full window tinting and repair services.
Their locally owned business has been in operation at 1001 North Battlefield Boulevard since 1985. They are open six days a week from 8:30 am until 5 pm and until 3 pm on Saturday. Contact their office by phone at 757-547-3177 or online at the official J’s Auto Cleaning webpage.

Pro Detailing

Pro Detailing has been in business since 1992 and proudly proclaims that their detailing specialty is perfecting the ever-challenging shine on any black automobile. This mobile business brings the clean to your car wherever you are. Their service also includes engine cleaning. Lackluster exterior paint color, door dings, and other dents can also be remedied. Pro Detailing services are available Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. Appointments can be made by calling 757-582-1622, by emailing or online at Pro Detailing’s official website through the Contact Us option. Car detailing with Pro Detailing is $135, and vacuuming for cars is $25. Prices for trucks and vans go up to $175 for detailing and $45 for vacuuming.

First Impressions Mobile Auto Detailing

A high-quality mobile detailing company, First Impressions Mobile Auto Detailing offers clear-cut packages with competitive price points. Levels of detail cleaning are broken down into these six categories: full and superior detail packages, wash and seal (wax), interior shampoo detail, well water stain removal, and headlight restoration. Schedule an appointment online at the First Impressions Detailing Contact page or by telephone at 757-813-1757.

While you’re spring cleaning, don’t neglect to rotate and balance your tires and keep up-to-date with oil changes and filter replacements. Maintenance repair work can be performed quickly and reliably at your premier Ford dealer in Chesapeake, VA. We’ll do service point checks to ensure the safety and reliability of your Ford for the coming season. Contact us today for an appointment!

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