Preparing your Car for Winter

preparing your car for winterFrom cold temperatures damaging the powertrain to accidents caused by ice patches, it’s clear that winter isn’t the best time of the year for your car. So before the temperatures drop in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, use these tips from the Cavalier Ford Greenbrier service center to get your car ready for winter.

Check the Battery

Cold temperatures can decrease the charge of your battery, so make sure that it has enough juice to power your vehicle before the frigid temperatures set in. Take your vehicle to the service department at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier and we’ll check the charge level. If it’s too low, you should replace your battery right away to avoid getting stranded in the cold.

Turn Up the Heat

There’s nothing worse than your vehicle’s heater blowing cold air during the winter. To make sure that the system works well and heats your interior efficiently, test the heater. It should blow hot air immediately. If it takes too long to warm up or it doesn’t warm up at all, schedule a service appointment at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier to have it repaired.

Replace Fluids

Antifreeze, oil, and windshield wiper fluid play critical roles in keeping your vehicle healthy during the winter, but you need to check the levels. If they’re too low or too dirty, they may need to be topped off or changed.

Change Wiper Blades

In addition to topping off your windshield washer fluid, it’s important to replace your windshield wipers. During the summer and fall, they take a serious beating as they wipe away rain, leaves, and other debris on the windshield. Come winter, the rubber squeegee will most likely have small tears and leave streaks that impact your visibility. Replacing your windshield wipers ensures that you see clearly through rain, sleet, and snow.

Switch Tires

During the winter, ice, snow, and cold temperatures decrease the performance of all-weather tires. Because of this, the chances of getting into an accident increase. Fortunately, winter tires can help. They’re designed specifically for the colder temperatures and winter weather conditions. They can provide enhanced traction to avoid slipping, and they’re made with special strong rubber to maintain the proper tire pressure.

Schedule a Service Appointment


Scheduling a service appointment before winter rolls in is the most important thing you can do to prepare your car for winter. Doing this allows our professionals to inspect every part and system to ensure that they’re in proper working order. If there’s a problem, they’ll repair it in a timely fashion to make sure that your car is ready to take on frigid temperatures, ice, and snow.

Preparing your car for winter is your best defense against damaging temperatures and bad conditions. So take note of the tips above and talk with our service department at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier to ensure that your car gets through the long cold season.

For more ways to prepare your car for winter, contact Cavalier Ford Greenbrier at 888-270-7614!


Must-Have Items to Pack for the Beach in Your New Ford

2005 Ford Mustang ConvertibleThere is nothing more classic than a great trip to the beach in a car full of friends packed with everything you need to have a perfect day in the waves. This year, check out some of the gorgeous nearby beaches, and get ready to have a relaxing and fun-filled trip. For those seeking a quieter beach getaway look no further than the beaches in Chesapeake Bay. Pack up your Ford with these beach essentials and hit the sand at any one of the beautiful Virginia beaches this season.

Beach Refreshments

When getting ready for the beach, have no worries that your new Ford will have enough room to take any snacks and drinks you need to get the most out of your beach trip. Remember to pack plenty of water, as well as sandwiches, chips, fruits, and a surprise treat like cookies. Even though your cooler is jam-packed, you’ll still have plenty of space in your efficient and roomy Ford, especially if it’s an Escape. Pop open the back and lay down some blankets for a quick beach picnic, and enjoy the Virginia beaches like never before.

Beach Entertainment

As one of the most relaxing beaches on the East coast, the Chesapeake Bay area beaches are one of the best places to enjoy quiet activities. Packing a bag of books and magazines can make sure you get in some good reading time in between ocean swims and sun naps. Some might even enjoy bringing along a small radio for a little light music to accompany the gentle sounds of waves and seagulls. For those with less to pack, the 2015 Ford Fiesta is just the perfect mix of functionality and economy to make every trip effortless.

Beach Toys

For those with children, there is no end to the amount of toys to be carried to the beach. From sand buckets and shovels, to goggles and swim shoes, boogie boards, Frisbees, volleyballs, and more, families must have a way to get everything to the beach in one trip. With enough room for all the fun plus all the family, Ford offers several SUVs with the space to take on a perfect beach trip. So relax knowing everyone gets to take their own toys to play with; no more fighting over who gets to take what.

Beach Necessities

There are some things that are just impossible to leave home without. When packing up for a beach trip, always remember to pack beach chairs, suntan lotion, sunglasses, umbrellas, towels, and floaties for the kids. Fit everything you need and more inside your Ford, parked right next to you on the sand. While you’re sitting back with everything you need to enjoy an ideal day at the beach, take some time to read your new owner’s manual for your brand new Ford.

Even after packing up all the food, toys, and entertainment you could possibly need for your day at the beach, relax knowing there’s still room for the entire family, including the dog, in your new 2015 Ford. For the biggest selection of beautiful brand new and certified pre-owned Fords in the Virginia Beach area, stop in to Cavalier Ford Lincoln – you’ll find the best fit for you and the family. With an experienced sales team supported by an excellent service team, the entire staff at Cavalier Ford Lincoln is dedicated to offering you the best possible car shopping experience. When headed for the beach this year, remember the most essential part of your trip: how you’ll get there. Choose a quality Ford that has plenty of room for everything you love!


When is it Time to Change Your Transmission Parts?


The transmission is one of the most complex systems on modern vehicles and determines how power is transferred from the engine to the wheels. A modern automatic transmission has over a thousand parts, meaning that constant maintenance to ensure that each part works correctly in the system is essential. Replacing an entire transmission system that has failed is one of the most expensive repair jobs that you’ll ever encounter, so it’s wise to keep up with the maintenance of the system to help prolong the life of the system. Schedule a service at Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier today!


Signs of a Failing Transmission

Since the transmission is such a complex system, there are plenty of warning signs when things go wrong. Since each symptom can be indicative of a number of different parts failing, it’s a good idea to visit your local dealer and have them perform a systematic check to determine what the problem is. The most common signs of a failing transmission include:

  • If you have a manual transmission, rough shifting is a good indicator of a failing transmission. This can include finding that your car refuses to shift gears or that the gear shifts aren’t very smooth. You may even hear a distinct noise when the gear engages and you may notice that the car doesn’t get up to speed as it used to.
  • If you have an automatic transmission, the most common indicator of a failing transmission would be slippage, where you’re driving in a certain gear which then slips for no reason. You may feel that the car feels underpowered or that it’s not accelerating like it used to. Again, unusual noises such as whining or random changes in pitch should be a good indicator of trouble.
  • Delayed engagement is a symptom where you engage the car from the parking gear into drive and instead of immediately being able to drive you find that even if you rev the car it doesn’t move forward.
  • Transmission fluid is usually a shade of red or brown and is easy to distinguish from water and oil. If you find spots of liquid on your driveway or garage, place some cardboard under the car and check the color of the leak. If your transmission fluid is leaking, contact your auto service shop immediately.

Transmission Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to transmissions. There are plenty of things that you can do as an owner to extend the lifespan of your transmission and prevent major problems from arising.

  • Check your transmission fluid regularly, especially after you’ve run your car in adverse conditions such as stop and start traffic, towing or hilly terrain, all of which can cause transmission fluid to heat up, which decreases the performance of the fluid.
  • Service your vehicle regularly at your local dealer. One of the things that a yearly service addresses is a transmission fluid check and replacement, ensuring that your transmission is working as it should. A service will also check safety features such as brakes, lights and steering and can drastically prolong the engine life of your vehicle.
  • Investigate any malfunctions immediately. Many people tend to delay going to the service center even when there is a problem with a car, which makes the issue larger the longer it goes on.


Keeping your transmission in working order is a good way to ensure that your drive in your Ford is pleasant and hassle-free. Identifying any issues early will help you avoid costly replacements and repairs, and regular maintenance at your local Cavalier Ford dealer will prolong the life of your transmission.


Driving Your Ford From Winter into Spring

Finally! The end of the record breaking cold temperatures and mountains of snow is in sight. The arrival of spring means it’s now time to get your Ford ready for the new season and make sure you don’t have any trouble getting where you need to go.

The most important aspect of transitioning your Ford from winter to spring is cataloging any damage done to your vehicle during the winter months and getting it corrected. The toll snow, salt, ice, frozen mud, and sleet takes on a vehicle is mindboggling. Not only will undoing this damage extend the life of the car, it will also keep you safer while behind the wheel.

Driving Your Ford from Winter into Spring

Wash Your Car

The last thing you want to do is ignore the salt build-up on your car. The salt eats through the body of your car creating rust and making holes. Removing the salt from your Ford requires more than simply hosing down your vehicle. Take it to a car wash where it will be scrubbed from top to bottom and the undercarriage will get thoroughly cleaned. It might take two or three trips through the wash cycle to completely erase all the bits of winter grime from your Ford.

Update Safety Features

The springtime is the perfect period to evaluate the state of your windshield wipers, headlights, and taillights and consider whether or not you should go to the auto parts store and pick up some replacement models. More often than not, the windshield wipers will need to be replaced. Even if your headlights are in good shape, you should remove the plexiglass and give it a thorough cleaning, both inside and out.

This is also the time to inspect your tires. In addition to making sure that there is a safe amount of tread and that they’re not losing any air pressure, you need to take your Ford to Cavalier Ford and have the tire department rotate them. Rotating the tires extends their life while also reducing the chances of you experiencing a dangerous front tire blow out.

Annual Check

All cars need regular maintenance work done and the best time of the year to do that is the springtime. Getting things like the oil changed and the spark plugs replaced means that your Ford will be ready and able to take you wherever the wind blows you to now that the weather is nice and the roads are clear. You’ll never have to worry about getting stranded along the way. Even more importantly, the annual maintenance work the Cavalier Ford service department does virtually eliminates the odds of you even having to deal with any serious emergency repairs.

In addition to doing routine maintenance work, the service department will also thoroughly inspect your Ford and take note of damage sustained during the winter you wouldn’t otherwise know about.

When it comes to helping your Ford car or truck transition from winter to spring, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more helpful than the Cavalier Ford Greenbrier Service Department at 1515 S. Military Hwy, Chesapeake, VA 23320. They work fast and accurately, take the time to answer all of your questions, and only use the best quality parts.

The sooner you contact your Chesapeake Ford dealer and book an appointment with their service department, the sooner you’ll feel comfortable taking your Ford car or truck on long, springtime outings!

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Winter Car Care Tips

When the wintry season settles in, this implies a lot of things to any car owner. While some parts may be warm, there are those areas that will experience high snowfall and blizzard conditions. Such situations make driving a hazardous experience. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure that your Ford vehicle gets proper maintenance and servicing. Therefore, before the winter season in Virginia Beach, VA, take the time to ensure that your car is good enough to go in the snow, ice and colder temperatures. Herein, are several essential tips from Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier that you can use to prep your car, van, SUV or truck during the winter season thus ensuring that you do not experience any car problems.

Ford Winter Car Care Tips Greenbrier VA

1. Windshield Wipers

Check the windshield wipers to ensure that they are in a good condition. If they are old or worn out, it is advisable to replace them. Auto experts recommend replacing them every six months. After driving in freezing weather, remember to turn off the wipers when you park your car. Also, check or refill the fluid level of the windshield washer system.

2. Tires

Ensure that the tires are not worn out since driving through the snow needs deep grooves. The tire pressure and the tread depth should be good to keep you safe during the winter season. If your area experiences high levels of snow and ice during the winter, you may want to replace your regular tires with the winter tires.

3. Engine Coolant System

For those who have been servicing their cars regularly, “flash and fill” may not be necessary. If you have not serviced your car recently, a flash and fill is a good thing to do. Ensure that the auto mechanic uses a coolant that is compatible with your vehicle. Ideally, the car experts advise that the antifreeze should be flushed out and refilled after every two years.

4. Battery and Charging System

During the cold winter seasons, greater stress is put on your battery thus zapping its life. Ensure that the battery and the charging system are at their optimum performance. There are auto shops in Norfolk, VA, that will check your battery for free.

5. Brakes

The brakes are the most vital safety system in any vehicle. Taking the time to ensure that it is thoroughly checked is an important decision. This will give you confidence while driving in snowy weather as well as help stop in time in case of any issue while on the road.

6. Lights

Your lighting system is one important part that you can’t overlook. Both the interior and exterior lights should be functioning effectively to give you a clear view of anything around you. The headlights should be properly aimed so that anything on the road can be clearly seen.

Therefore, before the wintry season settles in, visit a Ford service center that will help you ensure that your vehicle is in a good condition. Change the oil and filters at the recommended interval. Switching to the so called winter weight oil may be a good option. Before heading for a trip during the winter, ensure that your gas tank is full in order to prevent unexpected emergencies.

To prep your vehicle for the winter season, you may want to consider visiting Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier located at 1515 South Military Highway Chesapeake, VA 23320. As a Ford dealership, this company strives to provide the best auto services to ensure that your car is safe for the wintry weather. Surrounding towns like Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth are also served.

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