Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang Named Sports Car of the Year by Popular Mechanics

“Mar 23, 2016 | DEARBORN, Mich.

DEARBORN, Mich., March 23, 2016 – Ford Shelby® GT350R Mustang, one of the most iconic performance nameplates of all time, has been named Popular Mechanics Sports Car of the Year. Popular Mechanics says Shelby GT350R was selected from among a host of contenders because it pushes the boundaries of what an American sports car can be. Shelby GT350R’s unique, high-revving flat-plane crankshaft 5.2-liter V8 produces 526 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft. of torque – the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever for the most track-capable, street-legal Mustang ever built.”

-The Ford Motor Company: Media Center

Top 5 Places to Eat in Hampton Roads, VA

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! Norfolk, VA is the place to be when it comes to brunch. Whether you are with friends, family, or even need some time to yourself, there are a ton of eateries in and near Norfolk perfect for a brunch. Below are the five restaurants in the area to keep in mind.

Big Italy

Big Italy, located right on the Virginia Beach Waterfront, brings together three Italian eateries to form a wide selection of tastes and dishes. If your family members love the taste and smell of garlic, sauces, and delectable Italian desserts, Big Italy is the place to go. Keep in mind Big Italy does take reservations.

Texas De Brazil

Texas De Brazil is great Brazilian-American steakhouse for adventurous eaters looking to expand their culinary palette. Dishes are tasty, as the flavors of southern Brazil and Texas come together to form a unique meal. From house-baked Brazilian cheese bread to various cuts of meats, you’re sure to have your pick of entrees at Texas De Brazil.

Todd Jurich’s Bistro

If you want to treat your significant other and the whole family to an elegant dining experience, then consider Todd Jurich’s Bistro. The five-star cuisine you can indulge in ranges from salads, sandwiches, and fresh fish entrees, and they’re all created with natural ingredients. Each meal is prepared by Chef Todd Jurich and his team of experienced cooks.

Zoe’s Steak and Seafood

Right on the Virginia Beach Waterfront sits Zoe’s Steak and Seafood. Here your loved one, friends or family can certainly enjoy a wide array of dishes. Known for their Chinatown shrimp tempura and blue crab mac ‘n cheese, Zoe’s Steak and Seafood can delight anyone’s taste buds. This restaurants takes reservations for special occasions. Choose from a special holiday menu and enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne.

Thirty 7 North Restaurant and Bar

Thirty 7 North Restaurant and Bar is a farm-to-table restaurant that specializes in American cuisine. It’s casual and located right on the water for a relaxed dining experience. To create each item on the menu, Thirty 7 North Restaurant and Bar brings in fresh, seasonal, local ingredients, which make their menu both eclectic and delectable. Depending on when you are dining here, they may even have relaxing jazz music.

Whatever it is you’re celebrating, surprise a loved one with a delicious meal from any of the top five restaurants.

If you’re not too full after your meal, head to Cavalier Ford Greenbrier in Chesapeake, VA. We’re home to this year’s new and popular Ford models. Stop in and give the yourself the gift of performance, innovation, and comfort and schedule your test drive now.

The New 2015 Ford Mustang

The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang features a jaw-dropping performance and a head-turning exterior design. The latest version of the Mustang builds off the classic design that made this vehicle one of the most capable and sought-after muscle cars in the world, but incorporates numerous new, state-of-the-art innovations for your convenience.

The New 2015 Ford Mustang

And now residents of Norfolk and Virginia Beach who are looking for the new 2015 Ford Mustang in Chesapeake can visit Cavalier Ford Greenbrier.

As your Chesapeake Ford dealer, we’re here to make sure you’re prepared when you visit our dealership. That means giving you background information on all of the new 2015 Ford Mustang features so you know what to expect when you schedule a test drive. Read on for a glimpse inside the classic muscle car.

The Power You Expect from a Mustang

mustang performanceStandard in the new 2015 Ford Mustang is a powerful 3.7-liter V6 engine that produces 300 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The new model features premier fuel efficiency but doesn’t sacrifice any of its power. In fact, with Ti-VCT (Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing), you’ll experience precise timing and control of your engine’s air and fuel intake and exhaust output to get the most power every time you step on the gas.

Vintage yet Improved Exterior Design

One of the most admirable aspects of a Mustang is that everyone else on the road knows it’s a Mustang because of its unique design. With the new 2015 Ford Mustang, you’ll find an improved version of its iconic design.

The new 2015 Ford Mustang features a wider body than previous models and sits lower to the ground to improve the aerodynamics and enhance the smoothness of your ride. New signature high-intensity discharge headlamps not only improve your vision but also look great while doing so.

It’s still the classic Mustang, only improved for your benefit. And you have the freedom to customize your exterior design so it’s unique to you.

Performance with More Control Than Ever

ford mustang chesapeake, vaThe new 2015 Ford Mustang features a new, smaller-diameter steering wheel as well as Selectable-Effort Electric Power-Assist Steering that lets you choose from three different steering selections for precise control. You can choose from Comfort, Sport, and Standard to optimize how you control your new Mustang.

You’ll also find that the new Mustang features an all-new suspension system to boost your handling and control. A new integral link independent rear suspension delivers accurate handling, and a new double-ball-joint front suspension enhances your performance and drivability. So now the 2015 Ford Mustang is more fun to drive than ever.


The new Mustang is an extension of the classic muscle car. With the same power but with more capable handling and performance, the innovations in the 2015 model create one of the most exciting cars on the road.

Residents of Norfolk and Virginia Beach who are looking for a new 2015 Ford Mustang in Chesapeake can schedule a test drive at Cavalier Ford Greenbrier, Chesapeake’s Ford dealer.

Safest Ford Models You Can Buy

Safety is a great concern for all drivers whether you’re living in the Norfolk or Virginia Beach area. It’s what can make or break a vehicle for customers. However, with so many vehicles on the market today that feature great safety features, it can be hard to find the ideal vehicle that includes the safety features you need. So Cavalier Ford Lincoln is helping you by listing some of our safest 2015 Ford models below.


2015 Ford Edge

While the 2015 Ford Edge has not yet been released to our showroom, it will include a great list of safety features to help you stay alert and safe when you’re on the road. It will include the Lane Keep System as an available feature. This uses a forward facing camera that scans the road and lanes ahead. If it detects that you are starting to drift fordedgelegalinto another lane unintentionally, your steering wheel will start to vibrate and the system will start applying steering torque to alert you to get your car back into the lane. It also includes the Blind Spot Monitoring System and the Adaptive Cruise Control.


2015 Ford Fusion

Like the anticipated 2015 Ford Edge, the 2015 Ford Fusion also has a list of safety features to help you on the road including the Lane Keeping System. Also included in the new Fusion is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning. This feature uses sensors to detect vehicle slowing down ahead of you. If they are and you’re driving in cruise control, it works to slow your vehicle down. When traffic picks


back up, it will then work to speed your car back up. Plus, you can set you preferred distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This preset stays activated even when you’re slowing down or stopped. The Forward Collision Warning with brake support helps by sending you alerts when you’re at risk for a frontal collision. If you don’t react in time and slow down, the system will then precharge your brakes and increase brake assist sensitivity to deliver full responsiveness when you do hit the brakes.


2015 Ford F-150

The 2015 Ford F-150 embodies the Built Ford Tough models, and this is evident in its safe and tough structure. This pickup is made with high strength military grade, aluminum alloy body and tough steel frame to take on side, rear, and rollover impacts. Plus, it also features class exclusive available inflatable rear safety belts to help distribute the crash force energy across the torso more than the regular safety belt.

2015 Ford F-150 Platinum

Safety plays a great deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, and Ford understands that. That’s why they’ve added great features and designed their cars to help keep you safe and alert when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re interested in testing out the safety features and performance and features of any of the new Ford models listed above, be sure to schedule a test drive at Cavalier Ford Lincoln where we are serving Virginia Beach and Norfolk today.


When Do I Replace My Transmission Parts?

As your transmission begins to fail there will be warning signs that you want to pay attention to. Because the transmission is the hardest working component of any vehicle, the likelihood of wear and tear is high due to the heat and friction caused by the moving parts during operation. Having your vehicle checked out at the first sign of trouble could save you a lot of money in the future. It will also make your vehicle much safer to be in. If you experience or are experiencing any of the following problems with your vehicle, it could be that the transmission is sending you signals to get your car looked at. For transmission service in Portsmouth, VA, schedule a service appointment at Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier.

The first sign that there may be something wrong with your transmission is an illuminated ‘check engine light’. However, the light does not automatically mean that the issue is within your transmission. If you are experiencing any of the following problems while the check engine light is on, you’ll want to visit your mechanic or service center for a diagnostic.

The biggest reason for transmission failure is a leak in the system. Without the necessary amount of fluid in the transmission, many issues will occur that will soon lead to a break down. If you notice anything out of the norm during your travels, place cardboard under your engine. Transmission fluid is red in color. If you notice any fluid on the cardboard, get to a mechanic immediately for repairs. For more information about transmission problems, read our blog When To Get Your Transmission Flushed.

2015 Ford F-150 Platinum

You may also sense a burning smell if your transmission is on the fritz. If you ever sense a burning smell in your vehicle, get into a shop right away. If the smell is coming from your transmission, it could be due to low levels of fluid.

When transmission troubles set in, many drivers will experience problems with shifting. For manual transmissions, drivers may deal with a grinding while changing gears, while automatic transmissions will cause the vehicle to wobble and shake when shifting gears.

Delayed engagement is another reason you may need new transmission parts. When shifting from park to drive (or reverse) your vehicle should respond immediately with movement. Transmission problems will cause a delay (usually 1.5 – 2 seconds) before your vehicle will start to move.

Another problem you may face with transmission troubles is gear shifting. This occurs when you are driving, and it feels as though the gears are changing. Because of a lack of pressure in the transmission, your vehicle is unable to hold the correct gear. At that time, your transmission will work to build the pressure back up, allowing your vehicle to then ‘slip’ back into the correct gear…until it loses pressure again.

You also want to take notice of any harsh sounds or ‘feels’ when shifting. Your vehicle is designed to shift smoothly and effortlessly. A bad transmission may be accompanied with a ‘thud’ or ‘clunk’ sound as you change gears. When experiencing transmission problems, some vehicles refuse to change gears altogether, which also results in difficulty getting up to speed.

If your vehicle is giving you any of these warning signs, see a mechanic as soon as possible. Your transmission is most likely on the decline and the longer you wait, the more problems will accrue and your wallet will pay the price in the end. Schedule a service appointment at Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier today.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

With the day fast approaching, people all over the area, including Virginia Beach and Norfolk, are thinking about Black Friday shopping. As the official start of the holiday shopping season, on Black Friday, there’s no doubt malls and shopping centers will be opening early and will be crowded. So it’s understandable that shopping on Black Friday can be extremely hectic.

If you’re thinking about stopping by the Lynnhaven Mall  for the Black Friday deals, be sure to take note of the tips listed below to lessen the stress of your Black Friday shopping experience.

Map out the stores: The mall will be filled with people scrambling to get the best deals on all of their Christmas gifts, so knowing the layout of the stores where you need to shop will help you get in and out quickly.

Make a list and stick to it: Just like mapping out the stores where you need to shop, creating a list of everything you need to purchase can help you get in and out of stores faster. Also, this can help you stick to buying only what you need and not making any impulse purchases, especially with so many Black Friday sales and specials.

Get some rest: Each year, malls and other stores open earlier and earlier to accommodate the Black Friday shopping crowds. While not every mall has a Black Friday schedule just yet, it’s safe to assume that stores may open as early as 6 pm on Thanksgiving. Regardless of when you plan to head out for the sales, make sure to get plenty of rest so you can stay sharp, focused and, most importantly, safe while you’re shopping.

Get to the stores early: Whatever time malls and stores plan to open around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, some kind of line is going to form outside ahead of time. If you want to get a prime parking spot and be one of the first people inside the stores, then get there as early as possible. Just remember, though, that the earlier you get there, the longer you’ll have to wait outside. Since the temperatures are generally chilly in late November, it would be wise to dress in layers so you can stay warm while you wait.

Be careful: This is the most important tip you should follow. Black Friday horror stories of stampedes, injuries, and even death are all too common. Avoid shoving, fighting, and running for an item you need. Chances are that stores have additional items in the back and will replenish their supplies on the floor throughout the night, so there’s no need to get physical or resort to violence to get what you want. 

Black Friday is almost here, and it’s sure to include not only great prices but tons of shoppers as well. If you’re looking to visit any of the malls and stores in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, be sure to take note and follow these tips for ensure you have a safe and stress-free Black Friday shopping experience.

Why is My Car Drifting and Pulling?

Many drivers experience their vehicle drifting or pulling from side to side, but do not realize the risks to safety it poses. Within the vehicle, drifting or pulling could be a sign of something worse to come. For the driver, not having complete control of their vehicle could mean disaster in traffic. If you are experiencing auto problems and would like to talk to an auto service technician, contact the service department at Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier of Chesapeake, VA today. Turn to Cavalier Ford Greenbrier for Ford service in Chesapeake, VA today.


The following is a list of reasons why your vehicle may be forcing itself side to side during your commute. If you are experiencing any drifting or pulling as you travel, schedule an appointment or visit your mechanic as soon as possible to fix the issue before you are paying huge repair bills or you find yourself in an accident.

A simple issue to fix if your car drifts or pulls is tire pressure. You should frequently check your tires to ensure they are at the recommended pressure levels. If one side is low in tire pressure, your vehicle will pull to that side. Though a simple fix, if you let the issue persist, your tires will begin to wear down which will lead to suspension problems and high repair bills. If your tires start to wear, this is going to change the weight shift in the vehicle, causing your car to pull. Not only do you want to keep up with tire pressure maintenance, you want to prevent your tires from wearing down.

An improper wheel alignment is another reason your vehicle will drift. Routine maintenance will prevent any alignment issues from occurring.

The engineering of the road can also cause your vehicle to ride off to the side on its own. Roads are constructed with an angle for water runoff purposes. Due to the angle of the road, your vehicle may drift.

A defective tire will also lead to drifting. Tire conicity is caused when the belts under the treads are not aligned properly. There is more belting to one side which causes a cone shape in the tire. This can be detected by feeling more of a pull the faster you go. Mechanics will switch the two front tires and see if the car drifts in the other direction to test this issue.

Getting a new tire may also cause problems when trying to keep the car between the lines. All tires should be the same and be made with the same tread marks. When putting a new tire into the mix, pulling and drifting will happen. It is recommended that when replacing tires, do two at a time and place them in the back.

You may also experience tire separation, which is very dangerous because the tire may blow out while in operation. This occurs when the belts under the treads separate from the tire. Tire separation can be detected by a shimmy or shake at low speeds. For tire services in VA, view Cavalier Ford Lincoln’s tire service page today. We also handle oil changes in Norfolk, Chesapeake and surround areas. Don’t forget to check out our parts specials in Chesapeake page for discounts and coupons.


Have you ever noticed your car drift in the same direction as a turn you just took? This is called Memory Steer and is caused by bad strut bearings, defective tie rods or binding ball joints.

The last reason your vehicle may be drifting on you is due to brake problems. Brake systems can encounter many problems that will cause brakes to stick and not release properly. Problems may be a sticking wheel cylinder, sticky caliper, hydraulic malfunctions and weathered suspension components. Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier offers brake services and repairs in our service department. Schedule an appointment online now.

A vehicle that drifts is a hazard on the roadway and to the driver. If you experience or are experiencing a pull from side to side, make an appointment or contact Cavalier Ford Lincoln Greenbrier today.



When To Get Your Transmission Flushed


Making sure your transmission runs properly should be one of the most important points of vehicle maintenance. For one, the transmission’s job is to take power from the engine to make the wheels turn. Without wheels that turn, you’re certain to not make it far. Also, a failed transmission is going to mean a big hole in your pocket. Costs can be huge when dealing with transmission repair or replacement. For transmission services in Portsmouth, VA, contact your local Ford dealer Cavalier Ford Greenbrier. View their service menu or schedule an appointment online with the service department. Don’t forget to check out our service specials in Chesapeake page and our parts specials in Chesapeake page for coupons and deals. Depend on us to give you great Ford service in Chesapeake, VA.

Just like anything else that you expect to get the most out of, upkeep and maintenance are essential in ensuring your transmission lasts for years. Though it’s encouraged you consult your owner’s manual for transmission maintenance specifications, the industry recommends a transmission flush every two years or 24,000 miles. If you experience any of the following, you will want to visit your mechanic or dealership for a transmission flush:


Check your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid should be a red or pink color with a thin consistency. You will want to consider a transmission flush if the fluid has gone dark, has a burnt smell or shows residue and deposit. Another factor you want to look for is oxidization. Drop some of the fluid onto a paper towel. If the liquid spreads on the paper, the transmission fluid is good. If it stays in one place without spreading, oxidization has set in and a flush will be needed to prevent damage to your transmission.


If you notice grinding or new noises while you drive, get your vehicle to your mechanic for a checkup. This could be due to transmission issues that will need to be repaired soon, before you break down.

Gears are slipping

When on the roadway, gears should shift effortlessly and stay in gear. If you change gears and feel them slip, it is a sure sign of transmission problems. When dirt mixes with transmission fluid, necessary pressure is lost causing gears to slip.

Delay in vehicle movement

This happens when you experience your vehicle stall for one to two seconds before moving after putting your vehicle in gear (drive or reverse).

Problems shifting gears

Having too much dirt and sludge in your transmission will result in a slow response time. If you drive a manual, you may find it very difficult to switch from gear to gear.

Surging of your vehicle

If your transmission is in need of a flush, you may feel your vehicle surge while applying the gas or brake pedal. This is due to an inconsistent flow of clean transmission fluid, causing a ‘kick’ feeling to you behind the wheel.

When you get a transmission flush, all of the current fluid is removed and replaced with new fluid. The process also allows for dirt and sludge to be removed, creating a new and clean environment for your transmission to work correctly.

Due to the machinery and experience required for a successful transmission flush, always consult with and have an experienced professional mechanic perform the flush. A transmission flush done the wrong way could cause harm and permanent damage to your transmission, creating those large repair bills that you don’t want to be confronted with.


For more information about your transmission or difficulties you may be experiencing, contact Cavalier Ford Greenbrier of Chesapeake, VA today.