How to Handle Thanksgiving Dinner for a Group of People

Whether you’re making Thanksgiving dinner for two or 20, including family from Virginia Beach and Norfolk, the process can be stressful. From calculating the perfect amount of food to cook to figuring out how to deal with the enormous amount of dishes to clean after dinner, it can be difficult to relax and fully enjoy the holiday.

Thanksgiving for a Group of People

To avoid that scenario this year, below are a few simple tips you can follow to make this year’s Thanksgiving a little bit less stressful.

Plan and prepare: Regardless of whether you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner for just you and your spouse or for your entire family, it’s beneficial to have a game plan. Once you decide on what you’ll be cooking, and whether anyone will be making dishes at their houses and bringing them to the meal, hit the grocery store as early as possible to get the ingredients you need. Then make some sides throughout the week and refrigerate or freeze them until Thanksgiving. And on the big day, get started early on cooking the turkey so you can roast it to pure perfection without eating at 9 pm because you got a late start.

ndoubtedly, everyone will be willing to lend a hand, no matter how big or small.Ask for help: Trying to set up for and cook Thanksgiving dinner by yourself can be overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for assistance before, during, and after the meal. You can ask each attendee to bring a side dish or dessert for the meal or come early to help set the table. When the meal is over, ask for help packing up the leftovers and clearing the table. U

Have a plan for leftovers: While Thanksgiving may be considered one of the biggest cheat days when it comes to food, ha

ving a large amount of leftovers can leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth at the thought of seemingly endless turkey sandwiches and reheated mashed potatoes. To avoid being overwhelmed by your leftovers, make doggie bags for your guests as you clean up from Thanksgiving dinner so you can hand them out when they leave.

How to Handle Thanksgiving for a group

Take advantage of your dishwasher: No matter the size of your Thanksgiving get-together, there will be an enormous pile of dishes that need to be cleaned at the end of the night. But if you fill your dishwasher and run it as often as you need to, keeping on top of those dirty dishes will be a breeze.

Relax and have fun: Thanksgiving is the time for family and friends. Your family from places such as Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and all over the country will travel to see each other, so enjoy this time together and the memories you can make during this year’s dinner. Periodically take a break during the preparations to talk to your family and friends. It’s sure to lower your stress, make you relax, and even make you laugh while you’re cooking.

Thanksgiving is a great time each year for family and friends to come together and feast on delicious food. So if you’re cooking this year for your spouse or your entire family, use these tips listed to make this year’s Thanksgiving less stressful and more enjoyable.

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