Safest Ford Models You Can Buy

Safety is a great concern for all drivers whether you’re living in the Norfolk or Virginia Beach area. It’s what can make or break a vehicle for customers. However, with so many vehicles on the market today that feature great safety features, it can be hard to find the ideal vehicle that includes the safety features you need. So Cavalier Ford Lincoln is helping you by listing some of our safest 2015 Ford models below.


2015 Ford Edge

While the 2015 Ford Edge has not yet been released to our showroom, it will include a great list of safety features to help you stay alert and safe when you’re on the road. It will include the Lane Keep System as an available feature. This uses a forward facing camera that scans the road and lanes ahead. If it detects that you are starting to drift fordedgelegalinto another lane unintentionally, your steering wheel will start to vibrate and the system will start applying steering torque to alert you to get your car back into the lane. It also includes the Blind Spot Monitoring System and the Adaptive Cruise Control.


2015 Ford Fusion

Like the anticipated 2015 Ford Edge, the 2015 Ford Fusion also has a list of safety features to help you on the road including the Lane Keeping System. Also included in the new Fusion is the Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Warning. This feature uses sensors to detect vehicle slowing down ahead of you. If they are and you’re driving in cruise control, it works to slow your vehicle down. When traffic picks


back up, it will then work to speed your car back up. Plus, you can set you preferred distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. This preset stays activated even when you’re slowing down or stopped. The Forward Collision Warning with brake support helps by sending you alerts when you’re at risk for a frontal collision. If you don’t react in time and slow down, the system will then precharge your brakes and increase brake assist sensitivity to deliver full responsiveness when you do hit the brakes.


2015 Ford F-150

The 2015 Ford F-150 embodies the Built Ford Tough models, and this is evident in its safe and tough structure. This pickup is made with high strength military grade, aluminum alloy body and tough steel frame to take on side, rear, and rollover impacts. Plus, it also features class exclusive available inflatable rear safety belts to help distribute the crash force energy across the torso more than the regular safety belt.

2015 Ford F-150 Platinum

Safety plays a great deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, and Ford understands that. That’s why they’ve added great features and designed their cars to help keep you safe and alert when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re interested in testing out the safety features and performance and features of any of the new Ford models listed above, be sure to schedule a test drive at Cavalier Ford Lincoln where we are serving Virginia Beach and Norfolk today.


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